Expanding Fiber Access to Phoenix Homes




We’re working to bring fiber to homes across the country, and one recent project in Arizona assisted Wyyerd Fiber to do just that to the Phoenix community. 

Nature of the Work

Fiber to the home or FTTH consists of installing conduits in front of residents’ houses that will then be used to install fiber optic cables for fast internet. 

Conduit is just another word for “pipe”, “duct” or “raceway.” In order for residents to get fiber internet, each subscriber needs a physical link to this web of fiber optic cables in their neighborhood.

Our state-of-the-art boring equipment allows for minimal disruption in the neighborhood and quick access to fiber internet.

Benefits of the Work

There are many benefits to switching from cable to fiber optic internet, including speed, reliability, and higher-quality streaming. Once Wyyerd’s infrastructure is complete, the Phoenix area residents will be able to subscribe to their services.

“We are thrilled to be invited to these communities to perform our services,” VIKOR project manager Joel Gullickson shares. “VIKOR has always been a communications contractor, and while typically we perform our services at height, we are proud to bring these services underground.” 

He went on to share that there are many utilities that we rely on every day that we can’t see, and there’s a lot of hard work that goes into making that possible. VIKOR crews are always up for the challenge.

“Our motto is to do the right thing every time, and that means taking care of our customers like they are family,” said Travis Nance, Wyyerd President/General Manager in Arizona.

We couldn’t agree more, Travis.

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Dustin Leuning

Marketing Manager

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