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Utility Work

Telecommunications is an important pathway for service providers across all industries. It is no different for utility companies. Towers provide the needed infrastructure for communication across an increasingly complex web of communication for the utility industry.

5G Small Cell

5G technology is at the forefront of telecommunications. From planning and design to maintenance, our team is experts at how small cell works and can quickly isolate if an issue arises. VIKOR stands at the cutting edge of the industry in providing network solutions for installing and maintaining small cells.

Wireless Technology

Whether your wireless tower is ten years old or still in concept, the team at VIKOR is ready to assist in your efforts to keep the demand for data solutions first priority. Our team works in a fast-paced atmosphere while still elevating quality to the highest standards.

Telecom Infrastructure

Utility work spans from cell towers to communication towers for rail transportation. Our teams build and maintain telecom towers to keep the country’s freight and passenger trains connected.

Renewable Utilities

From transformers, ALDS Radars, and generator installations to energy audits with MET tower maintenance, our team has positioned itself as a top renewable tower company. We work with national, state, and local projects to add and maintain renewable energy options.

Underground & Boring Services

From installing underground utilities in new developments to assisting in upgrades in historic urban areas, our team specializes in boring, trenching, and plow work. We prioritize quality and safety while ensuring your project is designed, installed, and tested. Even if we didn’t do the work we are happy to come out and troubleshoot if there is a problem such as a broken fiber line.


VIKOR is a national wireless construction company with 30+ years of experience. We specialize in building infrastructure for the wireless, public utility, wind energy and railroad sectors.

Our Process

VIKOR is founded upon experience and innovation. We have a talented team with expertise in all aspects of small cell contracting. From the earliest stages of planning and design, through to building and maintaining a small cell site, VIKOR can do it all. Whether it’s a dense urban setting, or a remote rural one, we have the skills and know-how to provide the best solution in highly complex situations.

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  • Leasing, real estate, and right-of-way solutions

  • Streamlined management of permitting with local and federal jurisdictions

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  • Site drawings and design

  • Material procurement

  • Surveying

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  • Boring and trenching

  • Civil work

  • Tower erection

  • RF installation and integration

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  • Antenna and radio troubleshooting

  • Testing

  • Equipment replacement and repair

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