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guy anchor corrosion Assessment services

Communications towers are critical to your business and are an integral part of your company’s assets. Maintaining the structural integrity of your towers is essential to protecting your investment. 

The greatest threat to the safety and longevity of a guyed tower is the underground corrosion of the anchors. Understanding and addressing the corrosion risk for each tower guy anchor can maximize its life expectancy and prevent tower failure.


VIKOR is a national wireless infrastructure construction company with 30+ years of experience. Our team of dedicated professionals specializes in corrosion assessment and protection to ensure the utmost safety of your tower.


assessment and protection

The corrosion risk for each tower can vary based on a variety of factors. Guy anchor steel shafts that are in direct contact with soil need to be assessed on the age of the tower, soil resistivity, soil moisture content, and soil pH. 

VIKOR performs a series of specific tests to assess the corrosion risk for each of your towers and develops a plan to protect those towers from the greatest risk with a specialized corrosion management plan.

Once a corrosion assessment is complete and a course of action established, our team installs, high-quality AnchorGuard protection and retrofit or upgrades the anchor protection. AnchorGuard is a pre-engineered solution that allows us to monitor what can’t be seen beneath the soil and proactively monitor the safety of the tower guy anchors.

Anchor Corrosion Assessment by VIKOR


  • Soil analysis

  • Environmental conditions

  • Rank site by risk

  • Test cathodic protection

Anchor Protection by VIKOR


  • Install AnchorGuard protection

  • Retrofit / upgrade anchor protection

Digging to block anchor corrosion


  • Perform dig to block condition assessment

  • Repair or replace damaged anchors


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VIKOR Anchor Corrosion White Paper: Complete the form to download

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