We purchased this Timberland hoist in 2006 from another entity and used it on and off over the past 12 years. We’ve stepped back from full-service tall-tower work and are looking to sell it. We’ll sell it with or without the trailer. With or without the wire rope. This hoist has been recently updated and certified by Timberland. It has been completely serviced and is ready to work for you!

Timberland Hoist Specs:

  • 2000 Timberland Model Number ATEP-2-240 DH, Serial Number 01-14042
  • Fully operational
  • Capacity: 14,000’ of ¾” Diameter Wire Rope
  • Heavy Duty Structural Skid Type Frame with Tie Back Anchor Lugs and Lifting Lugs
  • Man Rated Top Drum
  • 240 H.P. Diesel Engine with Hour Meter High Temperature & Low Oil Pressure Shutdown Safeties
  • Engine: Caterpillar  Serial No. 9ZR0210  Model No. 3126 Cat Parts No. 132-4383
  • Hours: 3643, (starts on first crank)
  • Speed in Excess of 200 FPM in Accordance with OSHA Directive CPL 2-1.29
  • Overall Size 192” Long, 101” Wide, 98” Height
  • Weight: 27,300 LBS. (Without the Wire Rope)
  • Timberland replacement cost given to us in 2008: $245,000
  • 5000’ of 9/16” 6×25 FW RRL XIP IWRC cable at a $1.40 a ft ($7,029 new in 2008)
  • 5000’ of 3/8” 6X25 RRL IWRC cable at a $1.35 a ft ($7,155 new in 2013)
  • Wire rope in the picture came with the hoist. It was removed and replaced with the rope above.
  • 2001 Trail-Eze Model TE50F28, 33’ x 8.5’ x 50,000# payload (3) tandem axels, pintle hitch, (purchased new)

Asking Price:

  • Stand alone skid mounted hoist
  • Trailer
  • Wire rope

Total: $204,000

Call 605-331-6972 for inquiries. Ask for Bart Roberts.

These mobile towers with heights to 106′ coupled with the ability to handle 2000lbs plus head load are the leading units in the marketplace in longevity, unsurpassed reliability and warranty exceeding all others.


  • Mobile tower heights to 250′
  • Both tilting and raising systems are designed with redundant never fail key systems operated with a cordless.
  • Towers are 100% EMP proof when it’s critical.
  • No guy wires required to a maximum wind-load engineered design available.
  • Guy options to outriggers, and external guy option loading engineering available. All deployments require load engineered design deployments. Our units provide the most stable secure platform available.

Call 605-331-6972 for more details!