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ADLS RADAR Installation

Renewable wind energy is a rapidly growing industry, rich with cutting edge technology and innovation. As demand for smarter energy increases, so does the need for more sophisticated wind farms and vital systems such as Aircraft Detection Lighting System Radars (ADLS Radars). ADLS radars make it possible to manage light pollution, radar interference issues, and vessel collisions within wind farms thus minimizing the impact on local communities without compromising safety.

As tall wind turbines enter the lower airspace, high-intensity obstruction lights are needed. These lights can appear very intrusive to wind farm neighbors and as a result, can cause delays in construction. These problems can be overcome by turning the obstruction lights on only when necessary. Learn more about how ADLS Radars work.

As the premier installer of ADLS Radars, VIKOR has partnered with TERMA to provide industry leading solutions. Our system is tried and true and can be found on hundreds of wind farms across the world.



VIKOR is a nationally recognized infrastructure construction company with more than 30 years of experience. We specialize in all facets of construction for the wind energy, wireless, public utility, railroad, and transportation sectors. We are committed to improving our nation's infrastructure and providing smart, renewable energy solutions for the future.

VIKOR Teleconstruction ADLS Radar Installation


We ensure that our customers are equipped with comprehensive program management and turnkey solutions. From planning and building to maintaining your site, our highly trained technicians have the expertise to take your project from conception to completion. Whether you're looking for assistance with new construction or you would like to retrofit an existing wind farm, our team is ready to help.

ADLS radar tower construction by VIKOR

turnkey SERVICES

  • Fleet management solutions

  • Material procurement

  • Site drawings and design

  • ADLS Radar Installation

  • Civil and Concrete Work

  • Fiber Drops

  • Electrical Work

  • Industry Leaders in Quality and Experience


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