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Renewable energy is a rapidly growing commodity that is here to stay. Our main areas of focus in renewables include meteorological evaluation towers (MET) within the wind energy markets and Aircraft Detection Lighting System (ADLS) Radars.


Wind energy fills a growing portion of our nation’s energy needs. Wind measuring towers are used to verify the wind characteristics at a potential site for a wind farm. They log wind speed data at frequent intervals gathering data that allows developers to know if a site is economically viable for wind turbines.

VIKOR has positioned itself as a top-flight provider of meteorological towers. When it comes to MET towers, we offer it all with our turn-key services so you can focus on what’s most important — generating electricity.

ADLS Radars

ADLS radars provide reliable, continuous surveillance which makes it possible to manage light pollution, radar interference issues, and vessel collisions within wind farms thus minimizing the impact on local communities without compromising safety.

When the radar system detects an approaching aircraft, it will automatically start the wind turbine’s lights and warn the aircraft pilots about their position. Once the aircraft has cleared, the turbine lights will once again go dark, limiting light pollution.


VIKOR offers a variety of renewable services from construction to maintenance which also includes:

Towers provide the needed infrastructure for communication across an increasingly complex web of communication.

Our trained, experienced, and dedicated crews perform work to deliver high-quality and consistent service. We are committed to improving the nation's infrastructure and providing smart energy solutions for the future. We get you up and running and keep you up and running!



VIKOR is a national wireless construction company with 30+ years of experience. We specialize in building infrastructure for the wireless, public utility, wind energy, and railroad sectors. Our turn-key services bring fiber and utilities to communities around the nation. We also are highly skilled in Meteorological towers and Aircraft Detection Lighting Systems (ADLS).

Our Process

VIKOR has the expertise to take your underground project from conception through to completion. Wherever you’re at in the process, our construction and design teams are ready to assist you in getting your infrastructure in the ground and fully operational.

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  • Leasing, real estate, and right-of-way solutions

  • Streamlined management of permitting with local and federal jurisdictions

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  • Site drawings and design

  • Material procurement

  • Surveying

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  • Boring and trenching

  • Mainline trenching and plowing

  • Fiber drops

  • Civil and concrete work

  • Hand holes and core drilling

  • Electrical work

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  • End-to-end fiber testing

  • Utility troubleshooting

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