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Small Cell Construction

With the exponential growth of data consumption and the ongoing evolution of wireless technology, 5G small cells have become a critical part of the national dialogue about the next generation of cellular networks. The connectivity of the future will require a new approach to wireless infrastructure to fill in the gaps between macro towers. Small cells are already springing up around the country to bridge the digital divide. This increased densification of infrastructure will require an expanded telecommunications workforce with the knowledge and creativity to meet consumer demand. VIKOR stands at the cutting edge of the industry in providing network solutions in installing and maintaining small cells.



VIKOR is a national wireless construction company with 30+ years of experience. We specialize in building infrastructure for the wireless, public utility, wind energy and railroad sectors.

Our Process

VIKOR is founded upon experience and innovation. We have a talented team with expertise in all aspects of small cell contracting. From the earliest stages of planning and design, through to building and maintaining a small cell site, VIKOR can do it all. Whether it’s a dense urban setting, or a remote rural one, we have the skills and know-how to provide the best solution in highly complex situations.


  • Leasing, real estate, and right-of-way solutions

  • Streamlined management of permitting with local and federal jurisdictions


  • Site drawings and design

  • Material procurement

  • Surveying


  • Boring and trenching

  • Civil work

  • Tower erection

  • RF installation and integration


  • Antenna and radio troubleshooting

  • Testing

  • Equipment replacement and repair

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