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Tower sites have grown exponentially over the past couple of decades with the advent and rapid increase of cell phones and other wireless devices. 

VIKOR Teleconstruction understands the fast-paced demands of the wireless market while not forgetting the need for quality. 

With significant experience in both civil and aerial work, we provide it all from the first dig to the final sweep test. We provide new construction, maintenance & troubleshooting, 5G small cell construction, boring & underground services, electrical solutions, civil construction, distributed antenna system (DAS), and anchor corrosion assessment & protection.


With the growth of data consumption and the ongoing evolution of wireless technology, 5G small cells have become a critical part of the next generation of cellular networks. 

Small cell networks consist of a series of small, low-powered antennas that provide coverage and capacity in a similar way to a tower. Small cells are usually attached to existing infrastructure in the public like utility poles or streetlights to help bridge the digital divide. 

This increased densification of infrastructure will require an expanded telecommunications workforce with the knowledge and creativity to meet consumer demand. 

boring & underground services:

VIKOR has boring, trenching, and plow crews to assist local and national broadband providers in building their network in the telecommunications and power industries. Our priority is to install in-ground services and utilities safely and efficiently for all projects.


VIKOR is committed to bringing power to our nation. Our team is equipped with the knowledge and resources to complete every job correctly and safely.

VIKOR provides the needed infrastructure for communication across an increasingly complex web of communication.

Our trained, experienced, and dedicated crews perform work to deliver high-quality and consistent service. We specialize in building infrastructure for the wireless, public utility, wind energy, and railroad sectors.


We provide turn-key tower installations and prioritize quality and safety to make sure all of our field staff have the training and certifications to get the job done right. From the initial dig to the tower construction and maintenance, VIKOR provides it all for civil construction projects.


Distributed antenna system (DAS) is designed to extend wireless coverage and capacity, meant to reach beyond local cell towers and cover multiple frequencies. 

DAS can be used to supplement the signals from towers providing stronger, more reliable coverage within a specific area with poor coverage.

Tower Inspections

Our experienced  crews will conduct a thorough inspection of your tower and provide a customized list of inspection points, giving you the peace of mind that your tower is safe. We'll even provide detailed reporting of any issues that we encounter and we'll make the repairs if needed.

Anchor Corrosion Assessment & Protection:

Maintaining the structural integrity of your towers is essential to protecting your investment. The corrosion risk for each tower can vary based on a variety of factors, including the age of the tower, soil resistivity, soil moisture content, and soil pH. 

We perform a series of specific tests to assess the corrosion risk for each of your towers and develop a plan to protect those towers at the greatest risk.


Notable WIRELESS Projects We've Worked On:

Sioux Falls 5G Infrastructure
Iowa State University 5G Fiber
Navajo Nation Accessibility
Small Cell in Denver, CO, Rapid City, SD, and Minneapolis, MN
Mt. Rushmore Wireless Infrastructure


VIKOR is a national wireless construction company with 30+ years of experience. We specialize in building infrastructure for the wireless, public utility, wind energy, and railroad sectors. Our turn-key services bring fiber and utilities to communities around the nation. We also are highly skilled in Meteorological towers and Aircraft Detection Lighting Systems (ADLS).

Tower Construction

Our Process

VIKOR has the expertise to take your underground project from conception through to completion. Wherever you’re at in the process, our construction and design teams are ready to assist you in getting your infrastructure in the ground and fully operational.

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  • Leasing, real estate, and right-of-way solutions

  • Streamlined management of permitting with local and federal jurisdictions

Design Icon


  • Site drawings and design

  • Material procurement

  • Surveying

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  • Boring and trenching

  • Mainline trenching and plowing

  • Fiber drops

  • Civil and concrete work

  • Hand holes and core drilling

  • Electrical work

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  • End-to-end fiber testing

  • Utility troubleshooting

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a cell tower on my property?

Cell carriers typically reach out to a property owner they feel has a great location for a new cell tower. These areas lack decent coverage and a new cell tower would benefit the area. Zoning codes for your address are also taken into consideration. Most carriers will not take direct calls requesting a cell tower to be added to a property.

Will 5G use existing cell towers?

Yes, 5G is compatible with existing cell towers but will need more towers to cover the same distance current cell towers reach. 5G can also be used through fiber connection and implanted via underground boring.

What does 5G mean for cell towers?

The advancements of 5G mean additional towers will be needed. Current cell towers will be upgraded to new technology. Since 5G technology allows for use of non-traditional cell towers, 5G small cells can be located on top of buildings, on light posts, and on other utility towers.

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