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In the era of ever-evolving communication and technology, underground boring and fiber installation have become essential components of a successful infrastructure.

VIKOR offers turn-key underground services to meet all of your utility needs. Whether you’re expanding your fiber network to a new community or seeking to install underground power in an urban area, VIKOR has the expertise and versatility to get the job done.

With underground boring services, there is no need for extensive digging or trenching, resulting in minimal disruption to the environment and a more cost-effective solution.


Help your business get online or get fiber direct to your home with our fiber installation services. Fiber is the preferred structured cabling because it can run further and at faster speeds than typical cable.

Fiber cables are installed to the home in the same way that telephone and Internet wires are installed, but can be installed in the ground, underwater, or in the air. Fiber installation is a much faster method of installation compared to above ground work, because there is no need for extensive digging. 

There is also no need for additional equipment such as cranes and excavators that are used in traditional methods. This significantly speeds up the process and means that users can take advantage of their new infrastructure sooner without the disruption to your neighborhood.With VIKOR’s turn-key services and our experienced technicians, we are able to help build your network from beginning to end.

Once installed, we can also maintain and upgrade your system as needed. Our services include aerial and directional underground boring


With the ever-increasing demand to bring broadband to homes and businesses that so desperately need it, it’s never been more important to have contractors with the know-how to get fiber installed safely and efficiently in the ground. VIKOR has boring, trenching, and plow crews to assist local and national broadband providers in building their network.

Our trenching and boring service team members are highly skilled. We work in civil including land surveying, are knowledgeable about soil and bedrock types, and work in both developed and undeveloped areas. VIKOR works to efficiently install fiber lines so your project can stay on time and ensure high-quality work.


Our in-house underground and electrical crews provide turn-key power installations. When you need underground electrical utilities installed and you need it done fast, VIKOR is your one-stop shop. We prioritize quality and safety and make sure all of our field staff have the training and certifications to get the job done right.


Notable Boring & Underground Public Projects We've Worked On:

Sioux Falls 5G Infrastructure
Iowa State University Fiber
Small Cell in Denver, CO, Rapid City, SD, and Minneapolis, MN
Mt. Rushmore Wireless Infrastructure


VIKOR is a national wireless construction company with 30+ years of experience. We specialize in building infrastructure for the wireless, public utility, wind energy, and railroad sectors. Our turn-key services bring fiber direct to the home and utilities to communities around the nation. We also are highly skilled in Meteorological towers and Aircraft Detection Lighting Systems (ADLS).

Vikor Crew with underground boring machine

Our Process

VIKOR has the expertise to take your underground project from conception through to completion. Wherever you’re at in the process, our construction and design teams are ready to assist you in getting your infrastructure in the ground and fully operational.

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  • Leasing, real estate, and right-of-way solutions

  • Streamlined management of permitting with local and federal jurisdictions

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  • Site drawings and design

  • Material procurement

  • Surveying

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  • Boring and trenching

  • Mainline trenching and plowing

  • Fiber drops

  • Civil and concrete work

  • Hand holes and core drilling

  • Electrical work

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  • End-to-end fiber testing

  • Utility troubleshooting

Frequently Asked Questions

How does directional boring work?

Horizontal directional drilling is a means by which underground utilities are installed in both urban and rural areas. Drilling has a much smaller impact on grass, sidewalk, asphalt, and concrete on the surface than other utility installation methods such as trenching or plowing. A boring machine drills underneath the surface from a small entry pit up to a predetermined exit pit. From there, a conduit is attached to the drill head for pull back to the entry pit. With the utilization of a backreamer, one or several pipes can be pulled the length of the drill shot.

How far can directional drilling reach?

On average, our directional drilling machines can go up to 500-600 feet.

What are the uses for directional boring?

Directional boring, also sometimes referred to as horizontal boring, is used for a lot of different projects. Adding in new sewer lines, utility and underground fiber installations, and more. It can be used to avoid geological issues, move through bedrock, and even be used for offshore drilling.

How much does directional boring cost?

Directional boring costs differ depending on several factors. First, is the area's new development or existing infrastructure. Second, is the material of what is in the ground. Is the area lush soil, clay, or bedrock? Finally, it can also depend on the number of utilities buried. Feel free to contact us for a quote.

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