COVID-19: VIKOR’s Commitment to Customers




Building and maintaining our nation’s telecommunication infrastructure is one of the vital services depended upon most at this critical moment in time. During times of difficulty and crises in our Nation’s history, communication efforts have played a critical role in providing stability, connection, and progress across our country. We have been instructed by national leaders to continue supporting this critical service. We do not underestimate the critical nature of VIKOR’s impact at this time and will continue to maintain a safe and positive working environment during this unique challenge. Our commitment remains the same to you, our customers!

Our Focus

We understand that our telecommunication services are considered an essential critical infrastructure identified by the CISA and play a crucial role in industry-government recovery and response efforts. This is a focus we take seriously.

Our efforts are essential during this worldwide pandemic, and we understand our role is important in helping you keep America connected. While many industries within the country have been forced to pause, we understand the need to continue delivering services that support healthcare, government, communities, schools, volunteers, businesses, families, and the economy.

Policies & Procedures

As part of our social responsibility to not only our employees and customers, but also the communities we live in and support, we are making many efforts to provide a positive impact and limit the spread of COVID-19. Below are a few areas of focus:

  • Field Work: VIKOR is committed to keep our services moving forward and is making every effort to help our employees stay healthy and well. We have ramped up all cleaning efforts with our employees and are strongly supporting means for which all our staff honor and promote hygiene guidelines implemented nationwide for control and prevention. We address these efforts weekly during our regular companywide safety and training meetings.
  • Office Staffing: VIKOR is fully staffed to best assist our customers and field crews. We have implemented policies that allow flexibility during this time of need to better support our employees and prevention efforts by allowing them to work from home where possible. We have also increased video conferencing for improved communication and efficiency. Normal production from our offices will continue.
  • Travel & Events: Unless it has to do with supporting our customer needs, we are limiting all office travel at this time. Field staff will run as normal. We will continue to monitor and adjust to any hotel industry challenges caused by the current market and will keep our customers informed should there be questions.

Our Commitment

We genuinely appreciate your association. It’s our mission and commitment to build and service the infrastructure that unites people across the nation. Our goal is to support the industry and services needed to keep you, our customers, up and running. Should you have any project related questions please call your VIKOR Project Manager or our main office with needs (605-331-6972).

We are here to serve you!

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