Commissioner Carr Joins VIKOR atop 2000 Foot Tower




VIKOR hosted FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr for a Q&A Forum and reception at company headquarters. The commissioner and VIKOR CEO Craig Snyder discussed topics such as the status of the broadband maps, the governments nearly $800B allocated toward broadband spending, updates on the BEAD grants rollout, the advantages of fixed wireless vs. fiber, how satellites will play long-term in the broadband space, and the effects of CapEx pull-back on wireless infrastructure providers. Attendees at the forum included the Commissioner and his staff, representatives from NATE, OSHA, SDN Communications, and other industry partners and friends.

The forum was followed by a trip to the top of one America's tallest towers, the KDLT TV broadcast tower located outside of Rowena, SD. Carr joined the VIKOR team atop the 2000 foot tower for what turned out to be an epic sunset on a beautiful South Dakota evening.

Commissioner Carr's visit was part of a tour to help show support and advocate for hardworking telecommunications workers in America.

Climb Photos:

Commissioner Carr and VIKOR Director of Safety Field Operations atop the 2000 foot tower
Commissioner Carr at the base of the tower
Commissioner Carr climbing to the top of the KDLT TV broadcast tower
Commissioner Carr and Brandon Foster enjoying the view

Q&A Forum Photos:

VIKOR team with FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr
Q&A Forum with Commissioner Carr at VIKOR Sioux Falls, SD headquarters
VIKOR CEO Craig Snyder and Commissioner Carr discuss

Dustin Leuning

Marketing Manager

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