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Warehouse Manager | Sioux Falls

Warehouse Manager

Full-Time | Salaried | $50,000 - $60,000

Reach new heights in your career with one of the fastest growing industries in the country! At VIKOR, you have the opportunity to challenge yourself and become part of a team that strives for unity and is dedicated to elevation.

General Responsibilities:

  • Keep shop clean and orderly
  • Maintain all aspects of the facility
  • Stock needed parts and shop supplies
  • Organize warehouse in to maximize space and allow good flow of materials and parts
  • Coordinate roll-off replacement
  • Daily deliver non-operations related packages to appropriate recipients
  • Work with crew chiefs on job prep and gather any other materials needed out of shop stock
  • Keep an organized shop stock area, regularly inventory, and have PM’s order materials as needed
  • Handle all outgoing freight shipping, use Unishippers account to schedule pick-ups and create bill of lading documents
  • Assist crews with loading materials for jobs, stay up to date with PM’s and know which jobs are coming up. Keep the north bay staged in a way that keeps the next job in front and accessible to the crew
  • Snow removal and weed control in the back lot, salt or deice the sidewalks
  • As new Verizon equipment is received at our warehouse, confirm the site name with PM based off the MR number and label each pallet accordingly
  • Organize and group the Verizon provided materials by site in the north bay of shop
  • Organize all AT&T assets and complete paperwork for return to CSSL
  • Receive pallets of job materials ordered, label and set with the corresponding job equipment
  • Manage and return all decommissioned Verizon equipment that returns with crews
  • Occasional delivery of materials to site
  • Manage rope and climbing gear kit assembly, inspection and logging
  • Keep up with fall protection ordering, cleaning, inspection and check-in/out
  • Administer new hire fit to climb and trial climbs

Other Responsibilities:

  • Obtain Commercial Drivers License
  • Follow company policies and procedures
  • Find and implement ways to improve efficiency of time and company resources
  • Control costs of operations (labor, parts, vendors, etc.) within company guidelines
  • Remain in shop during set hours. When leaving, coordinate a backup

Required Meetings or Coordination:

  • Monday Morning Training
  • Monthly Crew Chief Meeting
  • Daily interaction and communication with VIKOR Team

Job Type: Full-time

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For more information contact Human Resources at or call (605) 331-6972.